Frequently Asked Questions

Really, what is Gibtr?

Gibtr is an innovative gifting service which bridges between senders and receivers. It allows senders to send physical gifts with only receivers' emails or mobile numbers. After the sender initiates a gifting request and the receiver chooses to accept, we would ask the receiver for the delivery information which we never reveal to the sender. Upon receiving the payment from the sender, we will order the gift and ship it to the receiver. During the whole gifting process, we will try to be as transparent as possible by emailing both parties about the progress. Both parties can also check the gifting status via our "Manage Gifts" Dashboard.

Why Should I Trust Gibtr?

Trust is definitely something Gibtr needs to earn from you over time. We thrive to keep everything as transparent as possible through the whole gifting process. The sender only pays after the receiver accepts the gift request. There is no charge for the receiver. We ask the receiver to provide delivery information just like any other online stores would do for delivery purposes, and the sender won't have that info ever.

Does Gibtr keep user information?

Like most businesses, by law we have to keep user information for auditing purposes as well as customer support. Also by law, we have the responsibility to protect user information.

Does Gibtr sell user information?

Absolutely NO. Our goal is to provide innovative gifting services. We will not sell your information in any form to any external companies for profit. We adhere to privacy laws Privacy and Terms of Use.

How can I get the gift link for my gift?

From a merchant's website, once you find the product you want to send as your gift, click on the browser address bar (usually located at the top of the browser), copy the whole link, and paste it to the Links for Gifts text field.

Is Gibtr really free?

It is. Gibtr does not charge any extra fee except for the money transfer fee, which goes to the money tranfer service itself. For example, there is a standard PayPal fee if you pay using PayPal or credit card service charge if you pay using a credit card. There is one exception though: if the gift is from Amazon, we will absorb the money transfer fee. In most cases, using our business accounts can give you lower prices for your gifts.

Are there any cost advantages to using Gibtr?

In most cases, using our business accounts can give you lower prices for your gifts. Otherwise, you will pay for the same price of the gifts.

Why does the invoice show a different product price compared to what I saw before?

The amount in the payment page reflects the actual cost of the gift after the receiver confirms the gift and before our service actually places the order for you. The product price changes over time. Hence, it is possible that the price at the time of ordering the product can be higher or lower than the price when you filled in the gift request.

How can I contact Gibtr for suggestions or questions?

Suggestions are greatly appreciated. Please write to us at