Gibtr Sender Guides

How to copy a product link?

Please following these steps:
  • From your browser, highlight the whole address bar
  • Copy whole address bar content with "command + C" for MacOS or "ctrl + C" for Windows
  • Go to and paste ("command + V" for MacOS or "ctrl + V" for Windows) into the gift link text box
We also have several tools that can make gifting easy with just a few clicks. Please checkout

How to increase the chance of acceptance for your gift?

Gifting is an art my itself. To help increasing the chance of accepting your gift, you can try
  • Provide the receiver's phone number: messaging is much more responsive than because the receiver will likely see it right away. While Gibtr still communicate via emails, the receiver might not see your gift because the email might be categoried as a spam email.
  • Provide a personalized message: The receiver might not be sure if you are the actual sender. Providing a personalized message will help the receiver. So instead of just saying
    Happy BirthDay!
    you can say
    Happy Birthday Jen! I wish I could give you your favourite cupcake in person like last year. Thank you for being such a great co-worker and helping me so much in the last product launch. Have a great one.

Using Gift Wrapping Service

If you would like to wrap your gift, please choose "Wrap gift" option and we will use the gift wrapping service provided by the online store. You will pay for the gift wrapping fee charged by the store. If the store does not provide gift wrapping service, the gift will be sent unwrapped and you will not be charged for the wrapping fee.