Gibtr Use Cases

Send Gift By Email

Perhaps because they just started dating or because they’re dating online, we had many users who did not have the address of each other. Still, they’ve managed to send each other some gifts via email.

Book Clubs

We had a user who ran a Bible study book club. Instead of collecting each club member's address by himself, he used Gibtr to get the job done. He entered each member's name, email and the link of the book they were going to use for the book club. It’s that easy.

After that, Gibtr collected each member's address and told the book club's president how much those books cost. After the payments, Gibtr automatically ordered the books and made sure the books were delivered to the houses of each member on time for their next meeting.

Holiday Gifts

Gibtr was founded several weeks before Christmas. Naturally, our first dozen users were those sending holiday gifts via Gibtr. The gifting process as well as the anticipation of the gifts became part of the holiday joys.

Appreciation Gifts

Many users sent gifts to express their appreciation to others. For example, some sent gifts through Gibtr to their co-workers for the support they've received at work. Parents appreciated the teachers for what they'd done for their children, friends showed each other how much their friendship meant to them, etc.

Birthday Presents

We had many use cases in this area. Parents sent birthday presents to their children who were away for college, couples expressed their passion for each other when they couldn't celebrate a birthday together, etc.

Get Well Gifts

Some of our users showed their support for their friends, co-workers, etc. when they were down or recovering from illnesses, etc.

Baby Shower Gifts

We've seen many baby shower gifts, or at least gifts for newborns.

Local or Small Businesses Gifting (Potential)

For local or small businesses that don't have enough resources to handle gifts/swag for their employees, Gibtr can surely help. Just enter the name, email and the link to the gift. Gibtr will take care of the rest.